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 Post subject: Doubling the HP of a 42cc Scooter
PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 12:54 am 
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No, I haven't vanished :omgrofl:

I check the forum almost daily and it's been quiet as a mouse, so I'll make this post. Being the most viewed section of the forum, I thought it would be a good place to explain how I add nitrous to a 42cc 2 stroke engine on a scooter.

In a nutshell, I use the Quick Fit Nitrous Kit demo system located on the main site under 'Nitrous Demo Systems'.

Because I live in the U.S., I had to source my own fuel cylinders to use with the kit. Luckily, it's an easy find: use either a butane or propane (LPG) fuel can for stoves and flame torches. Each will need a special adapter that is easily found on Amazon, but beware that there are cheap quality ones that break down bits of O-Ring and they'll clog up your fuel jets! I found this out the hard way and it was fixed with a quality adapter.

Because the butane and LPG fuels vaporise into a gas similar to nitrous, there is no strict need for injectors but an airbox is in order to fog it with the N/F mix. As long as the pipes stay put inside the airbox, the engine will ingest it and make that lovely power!

Note that on small engines with automatic clutches, there is a reservoir effect that occurs when using liquified fuel; enough so that every time the system is deactivated, the pulsoid stops the flow but the flow itself does not stop. The liquid fuel in the pipework continues to boil and flow into the engine. Without the nitrous to combine with it, the engine simply flames out from excess richness. Believe me, this was an infuriating problem!

The easy fix is to flip the fuel can around and use the vapour instead of liquid. Once the pulsoid stops the flow, then the flow stops completely so that the engine mix ratio remains correct and it continues to run as normal. This will also require the fuel side jets to be much much larger than normal (thankfully less risk of clogs if you don't equip the pulsoid with a filter, which I've done anyway).

Battery power is one thing that has to be supplied since the kit is intended to be wired to a car headlight circuit. I used a 12v portable tool battery and it works well, but it wasn't powerful enough to open the nitrous pulsoid under optimum pressure. The simple fix is to reduce the seat height of the Pulsoid, while it does limit the max flow of the pulsoid; it only needs a small adjustment and it will should only be a small loss in max flow.

Now that all of that is aside, all I do is stick the pipes into the airbox, and hit the pushbutton (again you have to add this yourself and it's easy).

Depending on the project in question, adding a decent amount of power should need nothing more than a fixed hit. In my case, even just adding 2.5 HP (the smallest possible jet available) worth on nitrous is WAAAAAY too uncontrollable on a tiny scooter and wheelies are inevitable!!! To combat this, you can add any WoN progressive that you wish (I use Minimax as it's the smallest and I only need the basic features of a ProgCon). As an added bonus, higher power levels can be achieved without engine damage (or rider damage for that matter :omgrofl: ).

Here is a link to my latest video and you'll understand my post much better after viewing it! :yes: :cheers: :D

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